2014 / DISC TOTAL TIME 54:18

Composed, arranged and produced by Katryn Hasler

Lionel Gafner – E-Bass
Tian Bosshard – Drum
Nicolas Dauwalder – Electronics (Track 3)
Katryn Hasler – Baritone Violin, Electronics

A sculpture is flickering in the room.

The sculpture is carved from time. It gently fans out in various acoustic images. Three instruments – a baritone violin, a drum and an e-bass – are the sculpture‘s material and, as viewed from many angles, its ears at the same time. Or is the sculpture gradually starting to spin on its axis?
The unity of the sound material – in the tradition of classical Indian music, “Plastik” remains true to a single scale – anchors the composition in its centre as it were and lends an impression of floating to it. In memory an hour melts down into a moment; but simultaneously “Plastik” adds pleasant layers of consciousness in one’s mind.
Katryn Hasler is not someone to force her perspectives onto others and she avoids expressive manipulation. Moreover, she offers building blocks of sound and leaves it to the individual listeners to actively form the momentary impression. 

Blanka Šiška