live at orbital garden 2017_a digital release only

2018 / DISC TOTAL TIME 23.46

composed - arranged - performed - recorded - mixed - by NEN
mastered by Darren Hayne

Ania Losinger - Xala III
Mats Eser - Rhodes, Vibes
Tian Bosshard - Drums
Björn Meyer - Bass

December 2017: NEN spent a full week at Orbital Garden in Bern Switzerland. Full days of rehearsing, followed by a 60 minute performance every night. Each concert was recorded in order to be able to share the experience of such a collective creative process.

NEN creates structures. Long arches of music transcending the concepts of tracks or songs. Music that needs time - time that can not be represented by means of the standard formats of releasing music.
This is the second in a series of structures to be released exclusively on Bandcamp. All taken from the “one week one band” Orbital Garden residency.